September Update

Back to Uganda!

Back to Uganda

It’s hard to believe that the time is finally at hand to head back to Uganda – five weeks in counting.  We are excited to begin this new adventure and yet sad to see such a beautiful season in Kansas City come to a close.

As we embark on this new journey we want to give a quick snap-shot of what we think and hope our first year in Gulu will look like.  The Lord has graciously been speaking to us about the beginnings of our time there.  One thing He keeps reiterating is to NOT get too busy this first year.  Our family will need each other like never before.  The kids will be adjusting, and yes, even at this young of an age, they will most likely be experiencing culture-shock.  We will  focus on drawing near as a family, not only for our family’s sake, but knowing that modeling family values is a huge part of our ministry to Uganda where the family unit is in shambles and family relationships are distant or nonexistent.  We will also prepare for the birth of our third child, seeking the medical care and the place Jesus has prepared for him/her to be born.  In other words, we’re not going to hit the ground running like we did last time.  The Lord has been speaking to us about the marathon pace – you pace yourself differently for running a marathon than for the 500-yard dash, especially a marathon with three babies on your hips!

That being said, we will of course, involve ourselves with the House of Prayer, and investing in relationships there which will be key for partnership in the years to come.  The Lord has also spoken to us about going in as learners.  We must humble ourselves and have the locals teach us how to live life in this foreign place – how to wash dishes without running water, how to speak their language, how to turn the animal in the yard into dinner, and so on.  Love and relationship is foundation we are laying, upon which everything else shall be built.

Please pray for us as we go, we need the Lord in every area. We need help with the physical exhaustion from the heat, help with culture shock, and grace to learn how to truly live there in and among the people, and to be filled with love.

August Update

Hello friends,

Well, it’s official.  We bought our tickets to fly out on Nov. 4th.  So, we are full-steam-ahead with preparations.  Like many of you, we have the To-Do List which only gets longer.  But in the midst of all the to-dos, we try to treasure the moments which are more precious than anything on the list.  Like when Micaiah says, “Daddy, come pway wif me,” or when Joyceana is on her knees on the floor looking up at you and smiling ear to ear with that extra cute gap between her teeth as she lifts both hands up in the air and says, “UP”.   Or the moments when our friend, Holy Spirit, gives a gentle tap at the door of our hearts and subtly whispers, “Let Me love you right now.”

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Lessons from Micaiah

Our oldest child, Micaiah, is a busy-body.  He has pictures to draw, legos to play with, and a baby sister to “toughen up”.

Sometimes he watches me, sometimes he even listens to me (if my whole thought is less than 10 seconds), rarely will he look me or anyone else in the eyes.  If I ask him to, I might get about 2 seconds of eye contact before he is back to being in his own little world. 

He is too big to constantly carry on my hip anymore.  And in his move toward independence, he doesn’t want to hold my hand anymore or – my favorite – sit down and snuggle with me while I rock him like a baby.

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July Update

Hey friends,

We’re finally back from our support-raising road trip.  All four of us crammed into our tiny blue Toyota Corolla and drove several thousand miles around the southeastern United States over a two month period.  We decided that we needed to test the kids out and see if they have what it takes to be real missionaries.  Well, they decided to stick with us, so I guess God gave us the right ones.  And we all still love each other.  In fact, even on the final day of our trip, Micaiah was still saying, “I wanna go bye-bye in blue car!” Continue reading

July Family Photos